Looking for help with your part three test?

Finding the lesson a struggle?

Well struggle no more as I have the solution for you

part three lesson planner


Looking for a resource to help you pass the part three test?

Well this lesson planner was wrote by myself using the examiners marking sheets so as to ensure that only the subjects you MUST cover are used.

Many planners go into far too much detail and are not written with the part three test in mind. They serve to confuse you…………….have you been confused?


Each plan gives you the:

  • Aims and objectives for each lesson
  • Trained and part trained
  • Where to deliver the lesson and briefing
  • What to ask and what to tell
  • How to ensure successful recap is used

This book has been around now for over 5 years and has helped literally hundreds to pass. It is used in different formats by schools under licence but you can get it direct through me at a small cost.

£30.00 plus postage


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