Month: July 2013

Modernising driver training



Recently at the AIRSO fleet trainers conference the DSA announced their current progress on modernising the Driver Training program. Ian Holden, Senior Education Adviser Driving Standards Agency spoke of the options. Those options are;

Option 1: Address concerns about Trainee Licence arrangements but take no further action

Option 2 – Improve the existing route to ADI qualification

Option 3 – Introduce a Vocational Qualification to replace the DSA qualification process

Option 1, is one that always has to be looked at when submitting plans to government. It is unlikely that this option would be accepted as it has long been agreed by all parties that something has to be done.

Option 2, is a viable option but would mean a great deal of reworking and the idea being preferred is option 3 where an existing framework of qualifications could be used that reach the requirements and goals far better.

Options 1 & 2 – replaced by individual exemption

–PDI must be accompanied by an ADI

–ADI must display badge

–Learner must be informed of PDI’s un-qualified status

•Class exemption for those on VQ (option 3)

–Trainee instructor must be accompanied by an ADI

–ADI must display badge

–Learner must be informed of trainee instructor’s status

–ADI must be qualified to deliver training under the VQ

–ADI must be satisfied that trainee instructor is competent

–ADI must ensure that learner has been informed of the trainee instructor’s status and has agreed to participate on that basis

The Probable Qualification Structure would be something like this;

•Award – Role 5 of the NDS

–Driving at level 3 and having ‘unconscious competence’

–Understanding Theory well enough to be able to explain it

•Certificate – The ND/RTS

–Providing client-centred learning

What I find very interesting and for my opinion long awaited is the trainer qualification proposed route. To be able to train instructors you would need to be;

An assessor

Grade 5 or 6

Pass the role play element. (Role play is one of my ‘specialist chosen subjects’)

I feel the DSA are heading in the right direction and many trainers will be left behind if they do not seek to enhance their qualifications. This will sort out some of the dubious training that has gone on in the past however do not get complacent as all the big boys are going down this route already.

If you want more information on training and how this affects you then please feel free to contact me.

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