Why train with Driver Training Education (DTE)?                        

When you undertake any training with us you receive the very highest of training. Backed up by 12 years of Continuing Professional Development by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI you are assured of the very best service. You are not only completing a training course but becoming part of a culture that heads you forward to become one of the very few instructors who really can hold their heads up high. Our success is your success and without that DTE would be nothing. Ask anyone who knows us and they will talk of the enthusiasm and commitment we have to training. You can be part of this success story by cascading what we will teach you to other instructors and pupils.

Many schools claim to be ‘highly qualified’ but with us you really do get what it says on the tin. Backed by DSA accreditations to Middlesex University Master’s degree and everything in between, we have almost every qualification going. We set out to do as much CPD so you just took what is essential for your business.

Bad news, we do not do free or funded courses………………Funding was set up in England and Wales so that the people could get a basic qualification such as literacy and numeracy. In a speech by, Dr Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Cable said: “There are many young people and adults who cannot get onto the first rung of the training ladder because of low levels of literacy and numeracy….. Full funding for a first full Level 2 or Level 3 qualification for those aged 19 up to 24.” We continually see ‘funded training’ for Driving Instructors and wonder ‘how do they fit this bill.’ This in itself is a culture and if Driving Instructors want to go down this route then I wish you every success. We only hope they are not the same Driving Instructors complaining about the cheap lessons on offer from some schools!

For one company we work with, they do some free training for their franchisee’s as part of their fee and also external ADI’s who pay for the training. On the whole all the fee paying instructors turn up smarter, better prepared and put in a lot more effort. The fee payers go on to obtain work with their new qualification and the other………….well they wait for the work to come to them. Why do you think that is?

Good news, we offer additional support beyond your qualification with us. For example, on the Fleet Training Course you will get a copy of our full fleet presentation to present to companies. This can be branded if you like at no further cost. We give you fleet check test training when your next check test comes up if you would like it. You get full support in helping to source fleet trainer work with companies. Recently we have helped two instructors who have fleet interviews with well-known companies with their interview techniques; the first was successful after some failed attempts before training and passed with flying colours after training. Another is about to have their interview and is feeling very confident. This is included in your training. Help is only a phone call away. Other courses offer the same support.

Dave Foster our Director of Training says; ‘Speculating for CPD is like any other business. Imagine you owned a hair dressers shop.* You have one corner of your shop doing nothing and you think if you put another chair, sink and facilities there you could rent out that space or employ another hairdresser. What would the additional income generate? I am no hairdresser and have no idea but I would imagine you could get £50 a week rent, would you spend £500 doing the modifications?……………….The same is to be said for Driving Instructors, a fleet course might only get you 1 day a week work but you still carry out your learner lessons just over the remaining four days. Fleet might pay you £140 – £200 a day, is the investment worth it. I used to do about two days a week on fleet and one instructor training.’

*all figures are just estimates I have no idea what the true cost would be but I expect I have been conservative.

Read what others have said;

“Dave is unquestionably, one of the most highly qualified Driver Trainers in the UK and has a real a passion and drive for improving the quality of standards within our Industry. I would recommend Dave Foster to any organisation within the Driver Training Industry that requires expert knowledge at both strategic and operational levels.”

Col Knight operational manager ASDA home shopping

‘I am so glad that I have contacted you again, and “spoken” with you. I would not be doing any of this job, and my career would be very bleak if you hadn’t been there….. thank you for helping in the first place, for all your support, training, and obsessions with driving, road safety, and Instructors…………………………………etc.’

AS Wiltshire

“Dave is a true gentleman and a scholar and is always willing to offer helpful advice and share his vast subject knowledge. His delivery of training is excellent and this makes the learning process much easier. I’ve completed the Diamond Award in Fleet Training under Dave’s guidance and have also completed a B+E trainer trailer towing course under his tuition.”

LP Plymouth

“Dave is a professional trainer who is totally committed to training those within the Industry. He is keen to improve standards with this sector”

SMA Wales

Give your career the kick start it needs and become one of the ADI’s who truly believe in a better future…………



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