B+E Trainers course

 This profitable additional income stream is available to any trainer who has the B+E category on their licence. There is no need for an additional test as grandfather rights apply on this category. Teaching people to tow trailers is in big demand. More and more people need to tow trailers for work and for pleasure and you could be training them tomorrow. Typically fees charged are around £250 a day and many clients will need 2-4 days training for the test so you will easily recoup your costs and be in profit. Employers both large and small are often looking for trainers and if you are fleet registered this handy little course can complement your skills. We have trained many trainers for this training and many have obtained contracts for this work. Get established quickly before another ADI in your area gets in first.


About the course

This course is for Driving Instructors wishing to enter the field of trailer towing training (B+E). There has been a great deal of demand recently for people wanting to look at taking their trailer towing test. Since 1997 when the licence categories changes, the standard driving test limits drivers to small 750kgs trailers only and precludes many types of trailers like horse boxes and those often used for work purposes. The fleet market too has seen a rise in the number of requests for suitably qualified trainers and this can add an all important qualification to your portfolio. The course will cover the knowledge and essential skills you need to pass on to your B+E candidates.

The course is very in-depth and uses specialised vehicles that are all provided on the course so you will not be required to supply a training vehicle. Once trained, clients usually provide their own vehicle and trailer. If you need to supply a trailer, these can be hired from around £30 a day and can be towed by most driving school cars empty. A special off road training area will also be used for the demonstration and coaching of the specialised reversing manoeuvres and coupling exercise.

Entry requirements

You should ideally have the B+E category on your licence but if you do not arrangements can be made for you to sit a B+E course leading to the DSA B+E test at an additional cost.

What the course covers

¨ Knowledge check on essential reading

¨ The law concerning towing a trailer

¨ ‘Towing the Line’ – video The reversing tricks

¨ The B+E test

¨ Where it takes place

¨ Minimum test vehicle requirement

¨ Test format and marking

¨ The reverse exercise

¨ The braking exercise

¨ Uncoupling and re-coupling

¨ The on-road drive

¨ Practical session

¨ CPD certificates will be awarded

Also includes will be;

¨ Your own copy of ‘Preparing for the towing test

¨ And a High visibility waistcoat for you to keep

¨ Lunch will be provided

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