Coaching for Driving Instructors

The instructor’s toolbox

Course overview

This course is for pro-active Driving Instructors who wish to improve their teaching methods and what they offer their pupils. To be able to fully understand what ‘client centered teaching’ is without attending training that will cost many hundreds of pounds.

This one day course has a looks at the tools we as Driving Instructors use or could use to ensure ‘client centred’ approaches are used when training. It explores the development of practical in-car coaching skills, as well as a theoretical understanding of coaching. Delivered using a coaching approach the course is based on the changes to the DSA announcement for Driver Trainers to use ‘client centred approaches’.

I will show you how client centred teaching can really help your business and why your learners will love it. You will become a better trainer than you are already and understand more of your pupils needs and therefor make more money and better job satisfaction.

As the DSA make these methods compulsory, and for good reason, you have to be ahead of the field and this gives you the edge over the rest of the pack.

Run by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI who has a Master’s Degree from Middlesex University in ‘Driver Training Education’ and attended practical course coaching for Driving Instructors at University of East London. As the DSA move towards their client centred approach to teaching it is vital that all instructors are aware of these training methods.

I have often used the analogy;

A carpenter could remove a hinge with a chisel or cut a hole with a screwdriver. The good carpenter will use the correct tool for each job. Many Driving Instructors are only equipped with screwdrivers!

· The course will offer an introduction to coaching and include;

· Understand the difference between coaching and teaching/instruction

· Develop practical in-car coaching skills and techniques

· Be able to implement a number of coaching models

· Develop an increased awareness of the need to improve self-evaluation skills  and to take more responsibility for their own CPD

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