New Standards check test course

Next course 26 November 2013 at the Dawlish training centre in sunny (we hope) Devon, click on this date on the calender to the right and book

DSA standards checkChanges to the ADI Check Test

This very special event will not only give you a half days training and information about the new Standards Test replacing the check test but you will have an opportunity to ask any questions or advise from myself in the afternoon. I will provide lunch, from the Dabbling Duck Dawlish ………….The Dabbling Duck Dawlish - Dawlish, United Kingdom

………and then you can have my undivided attention to ask anything about training, your business or any topic about the driver training industry.

By now we should all have heard of the new changes to the ADI check test. The marking system is to change and incorporate the DSA’s vision of’ Client Centred Learning’ (CCL) into the check test. When implemented, the assessment competencies will cover three areas;


  • Planning of the Lesson
  • Management of Risks, Ensuring safety on the lesson
  • Use of  Client Centred (CCL) Teaching/Learning Strategies
  •  Marking System;
    •  0= Complete lack of competence
    •  1= A few competencies demonstrated satisfactorily
    •  2= Most competencies satisfactory
    •  3= All competencies satisfactory

The following shortfalls will result in automatic fail;

  •  Obtaining a score of under 8 in the section ‘risk management’
  •  Failure to manage incidents involving critical safety issues effectively
  •  Failure to identify weaknesses or inform the pupil a critical safety issue has occurred.

Marking System

A total of 48 points will be possible.

The pass mark is likely to be around 29, with a minimum score of 8 in the ‘risk management’ section


So why Change?

The DSA is committed to implementing change in line within their policy of implementing ‘Client Centred Learning (CCL) and the GDE Matrix


Now, do not worry, many of you will be doing this anyway. DTE Elite have put together a short course aimed at giving you a greater understanding of this and to help you identify if any, areas you could work on.

Book your course so you are ready before it is too late, many ADI’s will leave it till they fail, will you?






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