Driving Instructor training prices

Proof that the best quality need not come at the highest price, we offer honest and transparent pricing for all our instructor training, giving what we believe to be great value for money.

Some schools will charge as much as £3000 for full instructor training, often providing less in-car training and almost certainly less qualified trainers. Other schools will offer ‘free’ training based on joining their franchise as a PDI, which certainly can be a good way to spread the cost (if you are interested in this some of our associate schools are currently offering such packages), but make sure you are confident you will be receiving the care, attention and quality of training you need to succeed, otherwise you could be stuck as a PDI for years paying for that training many times over in inflated franchise fees.

All-Inclusive Instructor Training

Our complete driving instructor training package gives you everything you need to qualify as an ADI, including;

  • All online and physical materials for Part One
  • 12hrs 1-to-1 in-car tuition to complete Part Two
  • 40hrs 1-to-1 in-car tuition to complete Part Three
  • Support and advice from Dave Foster MA Dip.DI

saving £416 on buying the courses individually

Alternatively, you can opt to pay by the module, or even by the session for in-car training, as displayed below.

Part One: Theory Training

e-Learning course only

Full Part One including all materials and training support.

Part Two: Driving Ability Training

Full course of 12hrs in-car tuition

Two-hourly sessions at £35p/h pay-as-you-train

Part Three: Instructional Ability Training

Full course of 40hrs in-car tuition

Four-hourly sessions at £35p/h pay-as-you-train