Driving Instructor Training U-Turn

image showing u turn picture for driving instructor training
Recently the DVSA has taken a U-turn in the decision to make driving instructor training a vocational qualification. Saying ‘it will revamp the existing part three exams to fit in more with the new Standards Check’. I am absolutely flabbergasted at this, having for many years been talking to senior DVSA staff and officials, all of who have said this will happen. I know that the units have all been written and the whole qualification process been looked at and developed at what is probably considerable cost. Some of my associates who carry out driving instructor training and are working towards training driving instructors have all been preparing for this radical and much needed change. Driving schools such as Road Runner Driving School in Southampton, Beeline Driver Training in Hastings, LA-Driving School in Weston Super Mare and Summers Driving School in Chippenham, have all been expanding their schools and looking forward to the raised standard that the changes would have brought.
ORDIT was rumoured to have been going to be scrapped in favour of the new vocational qualifications. Go 2 Pass in Manchester are a school looking to develop driving instructor training further and were also looking towards the new qualifications. This school has some 21 instructors and many were ready to take the TAQA award in readiness.
I am sure there is a reason behind all this but interestingly, the associations are quiet on this one. I expected a lot of noise on the subject and news in the magazines but I expect this is to come. Maybe there is a stunned silence all around! It will be interesting what this will do for the driving instructor training profession, many professional trainers have been looking forward to the new standard for a while so we wait with baited breath.

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