Driving Instructor Vacancies

Have you ever considered being a driving instructor?
maybe you have thought ‘I could do that?’

Maybe you have even looked into it and thought ‘wow the training is expensive!’front page

Well it does not have to be expensive or difficult, in fact it is possible to get the training for free. Some schools are in such demand with driving instructor vacancies that they are prepared to do the training for free. Yes there is a catch, nothing is free. How they get their money back is when you work for them for a minimum agreed period. Now isn’t that what you wanted to do anyway? Work for a school to find your feet. Now these school want you to stay with them forever and will go out of their way to provide you with training and opportunities to help you to stay but ultimately it is up to you.

Great time to look at driving instructor vacancies

There are many fantastic reasons to become a driving instructor and today has never been a better time. We can say this because in our unique position we look after the needs of many driving schools from their websites, marketing and training. We answer the phone to these schools too and most of the time we are turning down work to the driving schools as they are just too busy. What a shame that we have helped these driving schools to become so successful they are having to turn away work. This is work that you could be doing and living the life you want.
All the schools we work with have been built on a solid reputation of great service, good customer relationships and outstanding tuition. These schools are all now looking to take on additional instructors who can cascade the good values and enjoy the life styles they are now living.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a driving instructor,

  • Earn £600 a week or more if you want to do the hours.
  • Work flexible hours to work around your lifestyle or family commitments
  • Help others to achieve their dream of driving
  • Expand your horizons with additional opportunities such as fleet training, classroom work or advanced driver training
  • Driver a new car of your choice replaced every year or two
  • Become a valued member of your community helping others
  • Work for yourself as a self-employed instructor (support given)

We make the training easy

Training is overseen by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI one of the country’s leading specialist instructor trainers and being the only trainer Image for driving Instructor vacancies<img src=” width=”300″ height=”176″ />to achieve the Master’s Degree from Middlesex University in Driver Training Education. Covering his Masters research project specifically into why there is such a low pass rate with so many other schools. It was clearly seen that so many use outdated or poor teaching methods (Pedagogy) and looked towards profit of training rather than getting good instructors.
You are assured of the very best training methods and service because our success is only achieved with your success
To understand what is needed to become a driving instructor click this link here

We make becoming a driving instructor affordable

To find out what schools are looking for instructors and may even offer you free training click the areas below;

Bristol and Bath Relax Driving School Find out more

Cornwall 1st 4 Driving Cornwall Find out more

Exeter 1st 4 Driving Devon Find out more

Hastings, Eastbourne and surrounding area Beeline Driving School Find out more

Plymouth 1st 4 Driving Plymouth Find out more

Portsmouth SDrive 4 Success Find out more

Southampton Road Runner Driving School Find out more

South Wales A20 Driving School Find out more

Taunton, Bridgwater and surrounding area LA-Driving School Find out more


Even if we do not have an area currently recruiting we may be able to train you and then support you in setting up your own school.