How to Qualify

The first step to becoming a Driving Instructor is to make an application with the DVSA, which can be done on the official website
To make an application, you will need your driving licence number, a criminal record disclosure number and the date it was produced (which should be obtained here),
details of any motoring or non-motoring offences and disqualifications from driving as well as details of any court cases being brought against you.

The most important qualification in my opinion is simply that you enjoy teaching people to drive. To succeed at anything you must enjoy what you do; to expect reward to come before enjoyment is like standing in front of an empty fire saying

give me heat and I will give you wood

Dave Foster

adapted from ‘The Strangest Secret’, Earl Nightingale

The DVSA requires all ADIs to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a full UK or European Union (EU/European Economic Area (EEA) unrestricted car driving licence
  • Have held this licence for at least four of the last six years, prior to being entered on the register
  • Have not been disqualified from driving in the four years prior to being entered on the register
  • Be a “fit and proper” person. All convictions, including motoring, are taken into consideration and an enhanced level criminal records check is carried out when you are assessed for suitability
  • Qualify by passing all three parts of the qualification process (see below) then apply for registration within twelve months

The three parts of the qualifying process are;

Part One

A test of knowledge and ability to identify hazards

Part Two

A test of safety and skill demonstrated behind the wheel

Part Three

A test of ability to communicate information to a learner

Follow the links above to find out more about each stage of the qualifying process.

It is currently possible to train while you earn! When you have completed most of your training, you can apply to be put on a trainee licence. This licence allows you to earn money teaching pupils while you gain valuable teaching experience. For many instructors this has proven to be an invaluable way to improve their understanding; by experiencing what real learners do they are better equipped for the Part 3 test. We advise you nearer the time if this is the most appropriate route for you as it may not be suitable for you.

It is impossible to tell until you have started training for the third part so it is important you chose a company that offers this option, something many larger schools are no longer offering.