Tap away test nerves

One of the biggest reasons is not knowledge or skill for failing any test but that of your own emotions. Emotions are playing a bigger awareness in all forms of training and especially apply to driver training. Many trainee’s trying to pass the part three test, know they can teach someone to drive in their sleep (not literally) yet when faced with the examiner on the part three test, go completely to pieces. Learners too who can drive, start to find they cannot remember even the basics when sat next to the examiner. Nothing can beat the sort of good quality and preparation for this test that you would get from a top training school such as Go2Pass driving school in Manchester or if you are in the south, Road runner in Southampton or LA-driving in Somerset

test nervesSo what is the answer? How do you overcome those nerves? Well the important thing first is to understand what they are. Humans are actually very primitive creatures. The part of the brain that feels stress is the amygdala. The amygdalae are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain. Basically they are responsible for this fear emotion but because we are primitive and back in prehistoric days we were designed to recognise the threat of say a hungry tiger trying to eat us, the amygdala do not know the difference between the hungry tiger, teeth bared and chasing us or say a tiny spider in the bath that actually poses no real threat to us. These fears feel real at the time and are in fact very real to us!!!

So, imagine trying to pass your part three with a hungry tiger at your heals while the examiner is expecting you to identify, remedy and analyse his faults or pass you driving test while this tiger was in the car with you!!!!!!! I think we all know what I mean………….

It is true many people manage to overcome these real fears and emotions all by themselves but for others it just seems too difficult, the fear feels so real and just won’t go away. What can they do?

The first thing to remember is nobody was born with this fear of part three or the driving test. It’s a learned response. Partly this comes from friends and family and partly from the trainer themselves unfortunately. Just taking part three, how many trainers feel it is a difficult test? Or that nobody passes first time. How many times have we questioned the decision of the examiner or blamed the DSA for inconstancy? All this rubs off on the trainee; it sets an expectation of failure. Nobody means to do it, it just happens. Now I know we have all heard of positive reinforcement but if we do not believe what we are teaching then this has a negative effect.

Now what of these trainee’s and students who have these real fears? What can we do? Well maybe a course with a counsellor or psychotherapist would help but that can take a long time. Is there a quicker way? Well yes actually and something I have discovered and found works for all manner of fears and emotions and is so simple and readily ‘at hand’ (excuse the irony of this pun you will understand later) that it can be done anywhere and by anyone. Something I have used to remove myself of all medication that I was using to control my many stress disorders.

This simple something is called ‘Tapping’ or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to give its long name. Simply tapping on something called ‘meridian points’ actually sends messages to the amygdala and calms it down. These Meridian points are the ones that the Chinese use for the acupuncture treatments but it has been known for some time that simply tapping on them sends tiny impulses to the amygdala and settles it down.

EFT is similar to Thought Field Therapy (TFT) only easier to do and anyone can do EFT.

If you click this link it will take you to a website that explains the science in much more detail. This incredible Tapping has been working for thousands of emotional thoughts and fears and can be used not only for you to pass your part three but also with your pupils. Now I accept that this is not something you can actually just start with your pupils but I have found that many people are very receptive to this and have actually heard of such things. It is also completely harmless and can be done anywhere. I have a girl who wants me to sit in the back of her part three test so I can ‘tap’ for her. Yes you can actually tap for someone else too………….

Don’t just take my word for this; look at the website and the other links too at the bottom of this article. And if you are interested then let me know as I am running an introduction and informal information course on this soon as I am so convinced of this and want to cascade this I am going to do this for free……………………yes for free…………………….

There is a huge income potential for you too as many more people are turning to holistic remedies for stress and illness and you could be the first in your area to offer this as an option for your pupils or trainee instructors. This is not for everyone and many will look at this and think ‘what on earth’ or words to that effect but for those who are open and are looking for an edge then why not contact me and see what it is all about.

If you are looking for Driving Schools that have experience of client centred teaching and empathy with nervous learners then the following schools can help.

Summers Driving School, Wiltshire
Road Runner Driving School, Southampton
LA-Driving School, Weston Super Mare


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