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Natalie Helston (taken from a recent interview)
Would you recommend us to other driving schools who need help?SONY DSC
100% Dave has helped me loads, I feel that with all his time and effort he had helped me. Training and changing the teaching aids. Ongoing one day classroom courses and paperwork.
Dave’s knowledge and experience of the industry is in invaluable.

Vince Bristol (taken from a recent interview)
carmainHow did you find your training?
Nightmare! I started with a large national training company and so much was missing. Dave (DTE-Elite) rescued me and I strongly feel that if it wasn’t for him I would never have made it. I was already at the point of giving up when Dave stepped in


Anthony Southampton
Image for instructor training Southampton“Dave has a thorough understanding of the core competencies within driver education. He has developed a system which is simple but effective in assisting the learning process at any level. His methods of training help to achieve learned behaviour whether one is acting as an instructor, trainer, coach or mentor.”
image for ADI training Cornwall







Mark Bournemouth
“Dave has vast experience and knowledge of the driver training industry, and i would say one of the best and most understanding i have known his training is second to none”


Mick London
‘On the test I had PST 7. Approaching Junctions Left and Right and Ped X and Use of Signals

Following the training in Exeter I was graded 4 & 5’

‘I completely re structured my lesson plans on your advice. Taking the main points from the ADI26’s. I trained solidly for the week on my observation skills. Your advice on where and when to look (POM, MSPSL) became second nature and really simple. No one had instructed me on this, consequently when following RAMPS previously it was uncoordinated, and resulted in missing faults. The Examiner, Ben xxxxxxxx commented that my phase 1 would have been a higher mark and my Phase 2 was close to being a 6 if I could have been more specific’.

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